Maxspid Conversion Kit (fluorescent)



  • Conversion Kit for fluorescent lamp fitting
  • Mode of Operation: Maintained / Combined Maintained
  • Lamp: 4-pin fluorescent, PL/PLC and 2D lamps
  • Rated Duration: 2 hours and others
  • Power Consumption: 2VA
  • Battery: High temp nickel cadmium
  • Charger Monitor: Green LED (5mm diameter)
  • Test Facility: Push-off test switch
  • Safety Feature: Low volt cut-off preventing battery overdischarge
  • Fitting Construction: Polycarbonate housing
  • Weight: 0.15kg (gross)
  • Compliance: IEC 61347-2-7; IEC 61347-1


Product Code Lamp for use with
MEM/M/118 Mini 18w, PL10-PLC26w 4-pin conventional ballast
MEM/M/136 Mini 36w, PLC26w 4-pin conventional ballast
MEM/M/158 Mini 58w, PLL32-42w 4-pin conventional ballast

MEM/M/114E Mini 14w, 18w, PL10-PLC26w 4-pin electronic ballast
MEM/M/128E Mini 28w, 36w PLC26w 4-pin electronic ballast
MEM/M/154E Mini 35w, 49w 54w electronic ballast
MEM/M/158E Mini 58w, PLL32-42w 4-pin electronic ballast